Solar Power Solutions

The installation of a solar power system is one of the simplest ways to reduce your dependence on power supplied from the grid and lock in the price of power for the forseeable future. The cost of power purchased from the grid has steadily increased over the last decade, making solar a cost effective option for those looking to reduce their bills. All our systems comprise high quality products that from manufacturers like LG, ABB, Fronius, Schneider & other reputable brands, with large balance sheets and global business experience that ensure that customer’s warranties are secured. They provide local warranty support which ensures that you are provided with the best after-sales care.

Ballarat Solar & Electrical has over the last 10 years helped hundreds customers reduce their energy bills and their reliance on traditional, expensive energy. We take care of every stage of the entire system installation, serving you efficiently by leveraging software design tools, and well tested business systems, ensuring a smooth and timely installation and great customer experience. Our team consists of CEC qualified installers that are accredited in Grid Connect, Grid Connect Storage, and Stand Alone Power systems that undertake installations and our own internal engineers and technical support staff . This ensures complete quality control, thereby ensuring you as the customer gets a high quality product that has been put together with a quality first approach.

Quality Solar System

Choosing a quality solar panel as part of your solar system is the key to doing your bit for the environment and minimising your power bills.


A residential solar system, is a great way of generating clean energy, while locking in the cost of power produced by the system for several years.

Our residential systems cater to a wide range of budgets, while ensuring that all solutions put quality at the forefront. We offer solar panels from LG Electronics, QCells, Phono Solar, & Trina Solar.

Our residential inverter offerings include models from ABB, SMA, Fronius, Schneider Electric & SolarEdge.


Our Off-Grid solar systems use industry leading equipment from Selectronic, Schneider Electric and Victron.

Energy storage is from leading providers such as SimpliPhi, PowerPlus, Exide and Discover.

Each system is custom designed, taking into account - total power required, energy storage required, solar power and generator requirements.


Our commercial offering ranges from 10kW to 100kW and include not just the design and installation of solar, but also ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

We offer a no obligation inspection and quote that includes projected output, returns, and savings over the lifespan of the system.

Our clients include museums, restaurants, industrial warehouses and many more.