Warranty Policy

Installing a solar system through Ballarat Solar & Electrical means securing your future with a trusted local business that has been serving Ballarat and surrounding regions for the last 10 years. We’re here for the long haul and are committed to supporting you before, during and after installation.

Warranty Schedule
This Warranty applies to the supply and installation of the Solar Panel Modules, Inverter/s, Mounting Frame and associated components by Ballarat Solar & Electrical. The following limited warranties are provided to the purchasers of Ballarat Solar & Electrical solar products (herein after referred to as your PV Solar System).
Ballarat Solar & Electrical provides a 5 year “Complete System” warranty that is independent from and in parallel to any product warranties provided by the component manufacturers. This warranty covers both parts and labour costs to repair and/or replace any failed components, subject to the exclusions contained below.

All warranty periods commence from the date of initial purchase.
• 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
• 5 Year Inverter Warranty (Certain manufacturers offer longer periods of Warranty)
• 10 Year Solar Panel Warranty (Certain manufacturers offer longer periods of Warranty)
• 10 Year Mounting Frame Warranty
• 25 Year Solar Panel Performance Warranty 

Warranty Description
Your PV Solar System comes with a Limited Warranty of Materials and Workmanship as outlined in the Warranty Schedule above. Subject to the Warranty Conditions, Restrictions, and Exclusions below, Ballarat Solar & Electrical warrants to the Owner that:

• Products will be free from faults in materials and workmanship for the corresponding period of warranty referred to above.
• The installation of your PV Solar System has been carried out with due care and skill using appropriately accredited installers and complies with all relevant law and applicable standards at the time of installation.
• The installation of your PV Solar System will be free from installation-related defects for the period of warranty referred to above.
• Our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Warranty Conditions
This Warranty will only apply to the original installation of the relevant PV Solar System and will immediately terminate upon the removal from the initial installation of such Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products. BSE may, at its discretion, use new, remanufactured or refurbished parts or products when repairing or replacing your PV Solar System under this warranty. Replaced parts or products will become the property of BSE.

Warranty Restrictions & Exclusions
This warranty will not apply:
• If any of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products are removed, configured or modified by any person other than a BSE installer or an authorised and appropriately skilled service technician.
• If it is found that addition or modification of equipment was found to be the cause for failure of either a component or the entire PV Solar System.
• Failure to follow BSE/Manufacturer operation and/or maintenance instructions.
• If and when any of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products are exposed to conditions which would normally be adverse or harmful to solar panel modules, inverters and mounting frames, including but not limited to:
a. Removal or damage to the rating plate of an Inverter;
b. Damage caused by foreign objects, projectiles or debris (including hail or storm-related debris);
c. Any usage other than for the sole purpose of generating electricity for a Residential/Commercial building, unless approved in writing by Ballarat Solar & Electrical.

• Conditions resulting from a defect in components which are not part of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products supplied and installed by or on behalf of Ballarat Solar & Electrical;
• Defects or injuries caused by or resulting from causes not attributed to faulty parts of the manufacturer of the any of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products, including but not limited to, defect or injury.
• Caused by or resulting from alteration, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, improper voltage, vermin infestation, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions, software, or any repairs, modification or alterations made to any of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Product which are not authorised by Ballarat Solar & Electrical or the manufacturer.
• Conditions or defects arising directly or indirectly from external factors, not limited to, Fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, cyclone, hurricanes, tornado, volcanic action, tidal wave, snowfall, freezing, salt damage, acid rain, power failures or surges, lightning strikes direct and indirect, flood, damage by insect, animal, land subsidence, crack or landslide, accident, or abnormal environment or pollution, accidental breakage, actions of third parties and other events that occur outside of Ballarat Solar & Electricals’ reasonable control and not occurring under normal operating conditions, or any phenomena that cannot be prevented.
• To issues which do not affect the basic performance capacity and power generating function of the Ballarat Solar & Electrical Products notwithstanding any external scratch or stain, or natural mechanical wearing which does not represent a defect of the Solar Module, Inverter or Other Equipment. This includes mould, deterioration, discoloration, and any other factor of similar kind or nature that occurs after delivery of the module or inverter, or does not affect the structure, mechanical strength due to visual blemishes that are a result of environmental influences.